Kar"Natak"a Assembly Election ends "TUG OF WAR", Apex Court"s intervention draws the "Crown".

20/05/2018, MD IMRAN

Delhi: Karnataka Assembly Election finally closed its three days unsolicited TUG OF WAR on last Saturday Evening when BJP unstabled CM BS Yeddyurappa resigned in the Karnataka Assembly. Scholars says " Apex Court really proved again, Owns Supreme Power", where justice is respectively established and injustice is thoroughly uprooted.

Actually The 15th Karnataka Legislative Assembly election was scheduled on 12 May 2018 in 222 constituencies of 224. Remaining Two constituencies Jaynagar and Rajarajeshwari Nagar was postponed  till May 28, 2018 due to an allegation of a voter fraud scandal. The election creates new records of 72.13% votes in Karnataka since 1952 Assembly polls. Three Major parties emerged in The Election BJP, Congress and JDS.

15 May 2018, Counting begins. Initially all three parties chasing one another and when afternoon turns BJP followers assumed their winnings and started distributing sweets among them. Law Minister Ravishankar Prasad seen congratulating Defense  Minister Nirmala Sitharaman with sweets. Disappointment was clearly appearing on opposition"s face and BJP ministers and followers excitedly celebrating the moment by screaming "Modi Lahar". Perhaps somewhere they were right after Four consecutive states winnings. But .......when time Turns to Evening celebration disappears  from BJP and replaced with Congress and JDS. The 15th Karnataka Legislative Assembly final result announced by 8pm where BJP hummers with 104, ruling party Corngress condensed from 122 to 78, JDS 38 and Others 2. Needs 112 seats to farm the government in the state.


Now "TUG OF WAR" begins. Congress unconditionally supports JDS to frame government and JDS eagerly waiting for this occasion, accepted the proposal quickly and went to the governor Vajubhai R Vala and candidate BS Yeddyurappa also approached to the Governor shown a letter with full majority on the same 15may evening. Since BJP emerged as big party the Governor offer him to show majority  in 15days and ignored post Alliance Congress and JDS. Showing this Congress and JDS nock the Apex Court door with proof. The Supreme Court three Judges Bench rose overnight second times after Afzal Guru to draw the decision and finally the Gov Vajubhai R Vala"s 15 days judgement canceled with One day Majority for Upcoming Government. submitted a letter with 118 MLA support including 2 Independents. In the other hand BJP"s nominated CM

Saturday 4PM, Outgoing Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa suppose to show their majority for “Floor Test” but resigned here by addressing the house members at Vidhanasoudha, in Bengaluru. They manage to provide only 106 MLAs support which was not enough to establish the Government. Bust his last words in the Assembly was emotional and painful "saying the BJP didn"t get the numbers needed to prove majority in the House. "I will lose nothing if I lose power, my life is for the people," "My aim is to serve farmers till my last breath. I will also continue to serve all the people, including the Dalits, backward classes, weaker sections and the poor,"

In the other hand that was a complete life-line for the Opposition and started congratulating each other. Finally the Supreme Court"s involvement worked for Post Alliance party. The Governor Vajubhai R Vala swap the offer to Congress and JDS and given 15 days to prove the Majority. The leader of the regional party Janata Dal Secular will take oath on Wednesday - alone, said senior Congress leader DK Shivakumar. The rest of his cabinet is likely to take oath only after the trust vote, which is likely to be held on Thursday. Last night, in a key meeting, the Congress and the JD(S) finalized  the details of power sharing. The Congress, which won 78 seats in comparison to Mr Kumaraswamy"s party"s 38, will get the lion"s share of the ministries, although the portfolios are yet to be worked out.

Now Lets see the time’s final call . But whatever the result out “will learn a lesion”

Sources: WeeHours News


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