"MEDIA" is the fourth unshaken Pillar of the Indian Constitution wherein a Journalist owns complete rights to utilize their skills for the grievance of human beings and Nature. They accompany for justice, pleasure and public welfare. Use their knowledge and power for common mass"s benefits. This profession is an information communicator between Public and Government and for that, may communicate through any sources. No spicy, no buttering and no cheating with an information. Place the information as it is. If any hindrance appears, take initial step and carry that to the concern department, is the real Duty.

       Today "Social Media" plays a significant role to interchange information wide across the world. We get so many options to communicate and share our thoughts and facts. So we decide to grab the opportunity and follow the time accordingly.

   I went through the scenario and launch  the News Web Portal wherein a reader gets multilingual options to read a News. Our motto is to build an unbreakable  connectivity between  public and government to communicate. We love to assist 24 hours for the human welfare.

                                        Thanks & Regards
                                             MD IMRAN


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